Emeritus Engineer Speaks with High School Atoms

Retired engineer and board member of the MOST, virtual spoke about his engineering career to the high school students at Utica Academy of Science Charter School.

Friday, December 18th, 2020Utica Academy of Science high school gave a warm Atoms welcome to an Emeritus Engineer, Howard Hollander, who spoke with the students about his impressive engineering career and community involvement.

Without engineers, science is just philosophy, a quote in his presentation. Mr. Hollander spoke about what exactly it takes to become an engineer, the education required and various paths students would be able to explore with an engineering degree. When asked what was his proudest career moment, he responded with, "kids I've mentored. My legacy is hand selecting people for the Leadership Development program."

Mr. Hollander currently serves as a board member for The MOST. He is the President Emeritus of Technology Alliances of Central New York, and is a retired engineer from Lockheed Martin.

Thank you, Mr. Hollander for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come and speak with our Atoms and future engineers!