Response to Intervention (RTI)

UAS Response to Intervention (RTI) system includes a multi-level approach tomaximize student learning and address non-instructional issues. With RTI, data is used to identify at-risk students for poor learning outcomes, monitor student progress, provide specific interventions and adjust the level of services and nature of those interventions based on a student’s progress.

The three-tier RTI approach at UASCS is below:

Tier One Interventions:

Tier one is the universal, preventative intervention methods that address the needs of all learners.

  • Longer school year and school day
  • Double period Math & ELA everyday in grades 6 through 9
  • Data used for instruction (STAR Reader & Math, quarterly benchmark )
  • School-wide available technology for online resources (Accelerated math, study island, newsela, Khanacademy, problemattic)
  • Small and supportive school culture to promote student achievement (Leadership Speaker Series, college trips, community service, grade update with SIS, kiosks, Honor Roll Ceremonies)

Tier Two Interventions:

Tier two is the evidence-based, targeted interventions of moderate intensity that address the learning or behavioral challenges of most at-risk students.

  • 9th period tutoring sessions
  • Saturday school
  • Pull-out tutors (Hamilton College tutors, support teachers)
  • Summer Bridge program* /summer school
  • Dean of Students and counselor meetings with behaviorally challenging student on a daily basis

Tier Three Interventions:

Tier three is the individualized interventions with increased intensity for students who show minimal response to tier two interventions.

  • Special Ed. teacher supports in resource room
  • Small ESL classes with push-in support in general education classes
  • Home visit by principal, deans, counselor, teachers for at-risk students
  • Partnership with local community support organizations (Detailed list provided)
  • School RTI Committee (Guidance, grade chair, admin) meeting with at-risk students and their parents to create individualized support plan.