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School Newspaper

Description: A school newspaper will give scholars an opportunity to practice 21st Century and critical thinking skills, produce writing that is clear and compelling, develop time management, and foster an awareness of event and issues at the school, local, state, national, and world levels. Journalism requires real-world writing and supports Glocal education, Common Core State Standards for ELA and the College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework. Listening, speaking, and research skills will receive focus as scholars learn effective interview techniques. Scholars will also learn how to evaluate the reliability of sources

Advisor: Holly McNamara


  • Design, produce and distribute a high-quality school newspaper.
  • Provide an opportunity for scholars to function in journalistic roles.

Eligibility Criteria: This club will be open to scholars in grades 8 - 11 in good academic standing.

Meteorology Club