Uniform Policy

Students are expected to arrive to school in proper uniform. Students who arrive to school out of Dress Code will be immediately sent to the office for parent contact and will be able to return to class when in proper uniform.

Dress Code of Elementary School Students in grades K-1 for regular school days, students are to wear only:

Dress Code of Elementary School Students in grades 6-12 for regular school days, students are to wear only:

In physical education classes, scholars in grades 6-12 must wear:


  1. Students who arrive to school out of Dress Code will be immediately sent to the office to call home and required to return in Dress Code.
  2. The scholars will receive a Notice of Dismissal and will be dismissed with parents’ written consent.
  3. Repeated dress code violations will result in a parent conference.
  4. Students will only be able to “dress down” when that privilege is earned.
  5. Students who do not return to school are considered as unexcused absence.
  6. No undergarments should be visible.
  7. Wearing uniform inappropriately is considered a Dress Code Violation.
  8. Hats, hoods and scarves are not to be worn in the building and will be considered a dress code violation.
  9. Any outerwear not issued as part of the uniform cannot be worn in the building.
  10. Dress down days will be announced to staff, students, and parents/guardians in advance and will not be a regular occurrence.
  11. Students are required to wear stockings or leggings underneath all skirts.
  12. Utica Academy dress code items can be purchased at The Utica Academy Online Apparel Store.

Additional Dress Code Requirements and Limitations

In addition to making sure you are wearing the school uniform, Utica Academy requires that you follow these additional guidelines in terms of uniform appearance and personal appearance.

  1. Jewelry should be appropriate for school and not attract undue attention. UASCS reserves the right to decide on the appropriateness of jewelry.
  2. Students may wear ONE pair of earrings not bigger than a quarter to school that do not attract undue attention.
  3. Headbands should only be worn to hold back the hair.
  4. Cosmetics should be appropriate for school and not attract undue attention.
  5. The following items are not to be worn or brought into classrooms and should be removed and stored in lockers prior to students’ first class: Jackets, hats, caps, berets, scarves, bandanas and other headgear, winter hats, mittens and gloves.

Dress Down Days

  1. Shirts must include sleeves.
  2. Shorts must be knee length
  3. Skirts must be knee length
  4. Undergarments must not be exposed
  5. No low cut shirts or tank tops are allowed
  6. Jeans may not be ripped or have holes
  7. Baggy and sagging slacks are not permitted.
  8. Loose sweatpants are okay.

Absolutely none of the following are permitted:

  1. Baggy or sagging slacks: Sagging bottoms are not permitted and displaying of undergarments is a violation of dress code. Those students whose bottoms do not rest appropriately at their waist should wear a belt.
  2. Skinny pants/jeans, skin tight, body-hugging materials
  3. Clothing made from a lycra or stretch material
  4. Jeans/denim fabric including dark wash
  5. Defacing of the Utica Academy uniform polo shirt by writing, cutting, tearing etc; those students whose uniforms have been defaced will be required to purchase a new one prior to returning to classes
  6. Gym shorts or athletic wear including sweatpants and yoga pants
  7. No open shoes (toe and heel) such as slippers, sandals, flip flops, sliders, etc and high heel shoes
  8. Bare legs and stockings where the skin beneath is visible
  9. Waist and/or hem should never be rolled to shorten length of skirt
  10. Hoods must be down at all times in the building (Not worn on head)
  11. Hoodies are NOT allowed to be worn under school’s polo shirts. If a student is deemed to be dressed inappropriately on dress down days, he/she will be asked to correct their clothing choice to reflect the dress code; should the student refrain from changing his/her clothes, a parent/guardian will be called and the student will be sent home.