First Grade #UASCS Field Trip to Fort Rickey

On Friday, October 19, 2018, first grade #UASAtoms attended their first class field trip to Fort Rickey Children's Discover Zoo, in Rome, NY.  The zoo provided an ice cream cone full of animal food and #UASAtoms took bits at a time in their hand to feed the deer and sheep through the fence and then fed them the ice cream cone. After stepping into the enclosure, #UASAtoms were able to pet the deer and hug the sheep. Our #UASAtoms were then taken to the dock and were able to feed the fish and ducks, and they loved it!

We then took a wagon ride that drove us around the zoo, where we were able to see all of the animals in their enclosures. After lunch, we were let into the “maternity pen” where the students were able to pet and hold baby goats and their mothers. Following the maternity pen, we went and played in the ball pit. We aren't sure who had more fun, the students or the chaperones! These visits to local zoo's help expose our #UASAtoms to diverse wildlife and are just one of the ways we are building success one ATOM at a time. 

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