Parent Testimonials

“I’m so glad I found UASCS. My son has excelled and is enjoying school so much. The faculty and staff at UASCS is amazing. The teachers are so excited about teaching the students. They always go above and beyond my expectations. I recommend UASCS to everyone. It is a Great School.”
June Cooney -parent of 8th grader

“UAS has done a great service for me and my family. They are like my extended family. The teachers are very warming and nurturing to my child. Whenever I need help or have questions regarding my child they give me instant feedback. Some schools are not designed for all children. This one is perfect for mine. It is safe, helpful and academically focused. I have no doubt that my child will not fall through the cracks.”
Shakia Walton-Parent of 9th grader

“UASCS is a great School! I love that the school focuses on Science, Tech, Engineering and Math(STEM) and is a college prep school. Currently I have 3 children that attend the school and they are doing extremely well.”
Patricia Washington-parent of 6th, 7th, and 9th grader

“I just wanted to thank you all again for the home visit. I think that it is pretty great that the teachers of the charter school go above and beyond to make the scholars and their parents feel so comfortable inside and outside of the school setting. I really had a nice time talking with you all.”
Wendy Lottermoser-parent of 6th grader

“I just want to thank the school and staff for doing such an outstanding job. I feel the teaching and support staff go above and beyond for the students in aiding in their academic education. You also make school at Utica Charter rewarding experience for the students.”
Mrs. Martin-parent of 8th grader

“As a very involved parent, I require lots of attention to the things that matter to me and my family. I like the fact that whenever I bring a concern up to the teachers or administrators of UASCS, they immediately respond to my concern(s). They assist in any way possible to make sure that we(family and school) work together in addressing that concern. I feel secure in knowing that my son will have a higher success rate with obtaining a scholarship or entering a top notch college due to the way he learns at UASCS. Smaller classes allows for him to receive more attention, especially in the areas that are most needed, and it allows for the teachers to be flexible & creative in the ways that they teach. Standards are set high at UASCS. From the day he stepped foot in the school he was referred to as a “scholar” not a ‘student” which to me, sets the bar to a higher standard. My son is challenged by all of his teachers which helps him develop more critical & independent thinking.”
Mrs. Fermin- parent of 7th grader

“Utica Academy has been a great school. It pushes my child to excel academically. I would recommend Utica Academy.”
Mrs. Borovic-parent of 6th grader

“Utica Academy gives personal attention to students in a nurturing, educational environment with great teachers. I like their approach to education while recognizing diversity. I feel it was a good decision for us to send our child there.”
Mrs. Putrello-parent of 11th grader

“The support of the teachers and faculty at Utica Academy has been outstanding. They also value and respect my input as a parent. I love how they take the initiative to visit scholars in their home environment. They really involve the whole family and that I believe, contributes to the success of the students overall academic achievements. Very positive atmosphere.”
Mrs. Hoole-parent of 9th grader.

“The best thing I ever did was apply for my child to attend UASCS. Since my daughter has attended Charter her grades have improved tremendously she went from occasionally hitting honor roll to consistently achieving high honors. Greatly because of the teachers and faculty who truly care about her success.  It is noticeable how the teachers strive to ensure all the students are achieving at their maximum potential which is phenomenal. The communication between faculty students and parents is nothing I have experienced and I have a two older children ages 17 and 21. Another great factor about Charter is the student population it is significantly less than the public high school she would attend which makes her chances at receiving college scholarship greater.  UASCS has changed my daughter's complete perception of school prior to charter she was on a road to destruction due to behaviors tolerated at her previous school. Now she is an immensely happy well rounded young lady thanks to UASCS and its faculty.”
Mrs. Morales-parent of 10th grader

“My son, Nasir Jones has joined the academy in September of 2015. Since his admission, he has proven that you can learn and achieve any goal that you may have. Every night he let me know that he has learned something new in school. His face lights up with excitement and joy. I know that I have nothing to worry about when it comes to his education. I want to say thanks to all staff at the academy for giving Nasir a chance to earn a achievable education through your academy.”
Ms. Henry- parent of 9th grader

“I as a parent of a student that started in sixth grade, I am very impressed with my son’s progress in his education. He struggled a lot when he was in elementary school. He is now in eighth grade and has grown and matured. He has shown such improvement behaviorally and academically. He is more confident in himself and looks forward to going to school now that he doesn’t feel as if other kids will be making fun of him due to his struggles. His outlook for the future is ultimately promising. Thank you for the opportunity for allowing him to be a part of a school that puts his educational needs first.”
Ms. Cambry- parent of 8th grader

“We are taxpaying property owners that believe in having choice. Our son has attended Utica Academy of Science Charter School for three years. Being involved active parents, we appreciate the hands on experiences staff and administration offers . We feel opportunity for growth and success is available here. Communication has been “open-door” policy and welcoming to us.”
Mr. and Mrs. Sortino-parents of 8th grader

“There are multiple positive factors contributing to my choice to continue my scholars academic curve at UAS college prep. Personal attention, passionate staff, the school is culturally diverse, the setting, brings scholars to witness a different environment. UAS set the bar high academically for their scholars.”
Ms. Latty-parent of 9th grader


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