Hands-On, Minds-On STEM Field Trip to the MOST

Utica Academy of Science elementary school’s 6th-grade students visited the Museum of Science and Technology (MOST) for a hands-on, minds-on STEM field trip.

Thursday, May 26th, 2022Utica Academy of Science elementary school's 6th-grade Atoms discovered, learned, and played during a field trip to the Museum of Science and Technology (MOST)

This hands-on, minds-on day allowed the Atoms to apply what they learned in the classroom with the various interactive exhibits, science experiments, and much more. Some topics the students learned about at the MOST include paleontology, plate tectonics, biology, and aeronautics.

Students even put their STEM skills into action by participating in Build. With multiple building blocks of all shapes and sizes, Atoms could pretend they were architects, civil engineers, and designers through sensory play.

Atoms also dug deep into the Earth's history by exploring the Earth Science Discovery Cave. Students learned about plate tectonics, cave formation, climate change, and the geologic history of New York state.

One can't simply learn about Earth's history without first learning (and traveling back in time) to the age of the dinosaurs. Students visited the Dino Zone, where they saw lifelike dinosaurs created in collaboration with paleontologists that are displayed in scenes depicting what life was like on Earth over 65 million years ago. This exhibit was a favorite for many students and an excellent spot for a few photo ops and selfies!

Not to be outdone, students learned about Aerospace engineering, physics, and space science when visiting the Lockheed Martin Flight & Space exhibit ... which includes a zero-gravity jumper!

Needless to say, this field trip to the MOST was out of this world; in fact, many students fell asleep on the bus ride home. 

Thank you to the MOST for such a memorable and remarkable experience! Please click here to visit our Facebook page to view additional pictures from Utica Academy of Science elementary school's 6th-grade field trip to the MOST.


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