#UASCS Celebrates ATOM DAY

Scholars Celebrate ATOM Day at the Utica Academy of Science

Friday, February 14, 2020—Last February, our #UASCS Scholars kicked back and enjoyed an Atoms Day. A chance to spend quality time with friends and celebrating their hard work throughout the quarter. The next ATOMS Day will be held at the end of the third marking period. Keep up the great work, scholars!

Second Annual Bosnian Cultural Night

Saturday, February 29, 2020—Did you know March 1 is Bosnian Independence day? To celebrate, #UASCS held it's second annual Bosnian Culture Night. Over three hundred community members attended the event. The evening was filled with successful Bosnian speakers, community leaders, Bosnian music, Bosnian traditional folk dance " Behar" from Utica, poems, historical facts and Bosnian cuisine.

Kindergarten Checks Out the Dunham Public Library

Ms. Sharon from the Dunham Public Library Ready to Utica Academy of Science Scholars

Thursday, February 27, 2020—Everyone loves a great book, especially our kindergartners at #UASCS! Ms. Sharon at Dunham Public Library gave our kindergartners a little tour of their library, read us a story, and even prepared a craft. Some of the kindergartners even received their first library cards. Our scholars can't wait to check out their first book from the library! 

Bosnian Flag Raising in Utica

Bosnian Utica Academy of Science Students Attend Flag Raising Ceremony

Sunday, March 1, 2020—Our students joined local Bosnians in the community as they raised the Bosnian flag at Utica City Hall in celebration of Bosnian Independence Day. The Mayor of Utica also signed a proclamation to formally recognize March 1 as Bosnian Independence Day in the City of Utica, NY, annually. Every year we will be reminded of how lucky our students are to live in a city that continues to be built by immigrants and refugees who bring with them hope for a better life while continuing to honor their traditions and vibrant culture.

Seventh Annual Science Fair Success

Utica Academy of Science Science Fair

Friday, February 28, 2020

UAS middle school held its 7th Annual Science Fair. Students spent a lot of time preparing their projects. First, they had to develop a hypothesis, then conduct an experiment and collect data to present their findings to judges invited from local colleges such as MVCC and SUNY POLY Institute. 

In total, about 50 projects from students in grades 6 through 8 were in the competition. Some of the project titles were as follows:

Does smell affect taste?
What the FLIP is going on here?!
Which paper towel brand is the strongest?
What cleanser is the best?
Does music genre affect a person's blood pressure?
Can the food we eat affect a girl’s heart rate?    

Elementary Scholars Celebrate Black History Month

Utica Academy of Science Elementary School Students Celebrate Black History Month

Wednesday, February 26, 2020UAS Elementary School atoms, staff and parents came together at a very meaningful assembly that celebrated Black History Month. Our scholars performed some poems and songs that touched upon the meaning of Black History Month and why it is important to know about it. A poem titled “I am somebody" was performed collaboratively by students in all grades, along with their teachers. While the commemorative month is a good time to celebrate the achievements and culture of the Black community, this focus is not intended to be limited to only one month of the year. Students also benefit from learning about the accomplishments and struggles of people of color throughout the year.

Black History Month Celebration

Utica Academy of Science High School Celebrates Black History Month

Thursday, February 27, 2020UAS high school scholars had an amazing experience at this year’s annual Black History Month ceremony. Scholars were inspired by the life story of Mr. Fredrick Nichols, a Republican running for the 119th Assembly District, while enjoying their peers' performance throughout the ceremony. Everyone loved the inspiring presentation, as well a live performance of a drum circle formed by the UAS community and led by Mr. Alex Dankwa. In his performance, Dankwa stated that the drum circle brings us together as one community, echoing our school motto Many Atoms, One Family!

February Coffee Hour with Parents: Cyber Security

Utica Academy of Science Middle School Hosts Monthly Coffee Hour With Parents

Friday, February 28, 2020—UAS middle school hosted a Monthly Coffee Hour with Parents. The event provides parents with the opportunity to participate in a restorative circle that discusses different sets of topics each month. This month’s topic was about cybersecurity and the safe use of social media. Our school counselor provided strategies parents can use to ensure that their children develop safe and healthy social-media habits. Parents had a chance to share their opinions and experiences regarding the use of social media, as well as ask questions about any topic related to our school. This event is growing in popularity, and school staff look forward to meeting more parents at future coffee hours. 

American Heart Association Pie in the Face Event

Utica Academy of Science Middle School Students Pie Teachers in the Face for American Heart Association Fundraiser

Friday, February 28, 2020—#UASCS middle school hosted an American Heart Association’s Pie-in-the-Face Event at a school assembly. While cigarette smoking has declined, vaping has been on the rise, especially with teens. It is easy to get access to vaping supplies and flavors that attract underage users. At the assembly, students learned that many youth in upcoming generations are going to be outlived by their parents. YES, MANY PARENTS WILL OUTLIVE THEIR CHILDREN. This is due to increases in childhood obesity, sleep deprivation, and smoking/vaping. Other factors also play a part in this, so UAS is doing all it can to stress the importance of heart health this year.

To encourage students to participate in the pie-throwing fundraiser, for every $100 pledged, one teacher would be eligible to be “pied” in the face. For example, If students raised $400 in pledges as a school, four teachers would be the hot seat. Students voted on the top teachers they wanted to receive a tossed pie, and each pie cost $1.00. Only teachers listed on the ballot could be voted for. However, if a teacher or staff member not listed on the ballot  REALLY, REALLY wanted to get pied for fun, exceptions were made for the worthy cause!

January Student of the Month

Utica Academy of Science Elementary School Celebrates January Student of the Month

Monday, February 25, 2020—We love celebrating student success. This week #UASCS Elementary Atoms were celebrated for their "Student of the Month" status. Scholars were recognized for their hard work and persistent effort. Way to go, Atoms! 


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