Operation Gratitude at #UASCS

On Tuesday, May 22, 2018 sixth-grade #UASAtoms participated in Operation Gratitude. #UASCS scholars wrote letters, poems and drew pictures as a way to thank either a deployed troop or veteran for their service to our country. Letters were sent to the Operation Gratitude headquarters in California and will be distributed to veterans and our troops overseas. Go Atoms! #UASCS #UASAtoms

1st Annual Career Day at #UASCS

On Wednesday, May 23, 2018 #UASCS held it's 1st Annual Career Day. Scholars were given the opportunity to hear presentations from an Elementary Teacher, Lawyer, Nurse, Police Officer, Massage Therapist and Physical Therapist Assistant.
This day helped plant the seed on different career pathways. By identifying what career pathway they are interested in, scholars can start applying what they learn at school to what they want to do in the future. Go Atoms! #UASCS #UASAtoms

#UAS Students Prepare for Their Future With MVCC Workshops

On May 21, 2018, five #UASCS students traveled to Mohawk Valley Community College and attended workshops focused on self-advocacy and job skills training.

The first workshop, "Transitioning from High School to College: What You Need to Know." presented tools to be successful in college and encouraged "self-advocacy." The presenter explained how crucial it was for students to contact the student services department at their school to ask for help if problems arose that were outside of their abilities to handle. In college, they can't have their favorite teacher or mom solve their problems, and request services for them. Learning to advocate for yourself and seek guidance is a critical component of future success.

The second workshop was "Continuing Education Services, ACCES-VR."Students engaged in this workshop because it's immediate benefits were clear. Students focused on interviewing, resume writing and training to get a job #UASAtoms left that day having learned about the importance of self-advocacy and about the many opportunities available for job training.

Mother's Day at the Utica Zoo with #UASCS

Our #UASAtoms celebrated Mother's Day at the Utica Zoo! In partnership with Gates-Cole Insurance, mothers enjoyed free admission to the zoo yesterday. #UASCS greeted zoo patrons as they entered the park, and promoted the school. Go Atoms! 

Fifth Annual International Night at #UASCS

On Friday, May 11th, 2018 the #UASCS hosted it's 5th Annual International Night at both the #UASCS Middle and High School. It was a great chance for us to nourish and cherish one of our noble traits, being “glocal”. Indeed, our #UASAtoms brought together more than 20 different cultures in one place at one time. More than 200 visitors came to taste the specialties from dozens of global cuisines while being entertained by traditional folk and modern dances. The music, food and great people made this night wonderful. Thumbs up to our #UASAtoms, Ms. Grabovica and all those who worked so hard to make this evening special.  We will continue our mission to cherish diversity and multiculturalism in our school and look forward to seeing you next year. Go Atoms! #UASAtoms #UASCS

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Fun in the Finger Lakes with the #UASAtoms

On Saturday, May 5th, 2018 a group of UASCS eighth graders joined math teacher Miss Dundar and Instructional Coach Mrs. Maher for a day-long field trip we called FUN IN THE FINGER LAKES. The goals of our trip were to: explore college and career Opportunities; visit an Anne Frank/Holocaust Memorial, and enjoy a day with friends.
Our goals were met. We left Utica early on Saturday morning and returned by early evening. We visited four interesting places in and around Aurora, New York which is south of Auburn on Cayuga Lake in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York.
Our first stop was at Wells College located in Aurora, NY. Wells is a small co-ed liberal arts college located on Cayuga Lake. Set in a rural/agricultural area, Wells is seeking to increase diversity in its student population and our scholars got to tour both the academic and residential parts of the college.
From there, the group toured Treleaven Vineyards, where they learned about how grapes are grown and turned into juice, wine and more. Winery owners talked about agriculture and business practices in today’s economy. They gave scholars practical advice about choosing meaningful work and developing positive relationships and showed us their entire facility.
The next agribusiness stop was at Belltown Dairy in Locke, NY where sustainable agriculture is the business focus. Belltown is part of a CAFO ( Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation) where 5,000 cows are milked. In addition to meeting the cows personally and learning about dairy farm operations, the group also viewed the farm’s Methane Digester which converts the cows’ manure to electricity that runs the farm. Other products that are converted from manure include fertilizer and bedding.
In eighth grade Social Studies, scholars learn about World War II and the Holocaust. Important figures of that era like Anne Frank and others are discussed. Our last stop of the day was at Southern Cayuga Central School, where an actual sapling from the Chestnut tree Anne Frank viewed from her attic hideaway, is growing. We heard the story of the Anne Frank Memorial Project across America and felt proud to be part of that remembrance. We met three of the volunteers who care for the tree and enjoyed the stories they told us. Mrs. Maher worked for that school district many years ago.
As stated in the UASCS Mission statement, the school seeks to graduate students who can think critically and creatively, who are committed to a lifetime of learning and civic involvement, and who are conscious of local, global, and environmental issues. It is hoped that field trips like this one help our scholars to maximize their potential and become energized citizens in our global society. Thank you to SANY and our Finger Lakes hosts for supporting this learning opportunity. Go Atoms!

#UASAtoms Field Trip to The Wild Center in Tupper Lake, NY

On Monday, May 7th, 2018 the #UASCS Living Environment classes visited The Wild Center in Tupper Lake, New York. The Center’s mission is to invite people from all over the world to experience and learn about the Adirondack Park, the ecosystem, and habitat. The goal is to educate adults and students about the native animals and climate of the region and to help instill a sense of respect and responsibility for the natural world. Go Atoms! #SASAtoms

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#UASCS Middle School 3rd Quarter Awards Ceremony & Student v Teacher Olympics.

On Friday, May 4th, 2018, the 3rd Quarter Award Ceremony took the place at UASCS MS. The awards were given to students that excelled or showed substantial progress academically. In addition, they were acknowledged for their citizenship performance. This was an opportunity to acknowledge teachers for their superb performance. The event concluded with the Students vs. Teachers Olympics where students challenged their teachers in basketball and volleyball.

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2018 #UASCS High School Prom

On Friday, May 4th, 2018 #UASCS had their first prom at Daniele's Banquet Specialists in New Hartford. Students and staff enjoyed it very much. Go Atoms!

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#UAS High School Students Walkout Against Gun Violence


On Friday, April 20, 2018, students at Utica Academy of Science, participated in the National School Walkout commemorating the 19th Anniversary of the Columbine tragedy. We are very proud of our scholars for organizing this meaningful event and exercising their right to have their voices heard.

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