Melisa Sabanovic participating in INTEL ISEF Science Fair

Congratulations Melisa Sabanovic for getting the grand champion award in Utica College Science Fair, letting her participate in INTEL ISEF Science Fair in Phoenix, AR with all expenses covered.

Melisa Sabanovic is a freshman in Utica Academy of Science. Melisa and two other scholars went to SUNY Oswego campus to work with professors and their assistances in July of 2015. It is called Summer Immersion Program where students stay in College Dormitories and work with College Professors.They get to stay there from Monday to Friday for four weeks.

Melisa was able to participate into 38th Annual Regional Science Fair at Utica College on April 2, 2016 which included schools from New Hartford, Clinton, Rome,Poland,Whitesboro as well as schools from city of Utica. Melisa was able to get 3rd place in her category as well as grand champion award which allows them to participate in INTEL ISEF Science Fair.

The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF), a program of Society for Science & the Public (SSP), is the world’s largest international pre-college science competition.Approximately 1,700 high school students from over 75 countries, regions, and territories are awarded the opportunity to showcase their independent research and compete for approximately $4 million in prizes.

Today, millions of students worldwide compete each year in local and school-sponsored science fairs; the winners of these events go on to participate in SSP-affiliated regional and state fairs from which the best win the opportunity to attend Intel ISEF. Intel ISEF unites these top young scientific minds, showcasing their talents on an international stage, where doctoral level scientists review and judge their work.

SSP partners with Intel—along with dozens of other corporate, academic, government and science-focused sponsors—who provide the support and awards for Intel ISEF.

Intel ISEF is hosted each year in a different city (Los Angeles, Pittsburgh and Phoenix through 2019). The Local Arrangements Committees from each city partner with SSP and Intel to provide support for the event including the recruitment of 100s of volunteers and judges and in organizing an education outreach day in which more than 3,000 middle and high school students visit.


Phoenix, Arizona, May 8-13, 2016

Melisa Sabanovic is able to travel to Phoenix,AR with all expenses covered by the Regional Science Fair Committee. Congratulations, UASCS will continue to promote scholars who have interest in Science and Engineering.

Utica College Science Fair

On April 2, 2016, UAS participated in Utica College Science Fair. Our scholars won a lot of prizes and places. We have 1st place in one category, 2nd place in Junior Level. Also, Melisa Sabanovic has gotten Grand Champion award to be able to go INTEL ISEF which is the biggest Science Fair in the WORLD.

The following awards are received by our scholars.

Melisa Sabanovic
- 3rd Place ( gets $25) in Senior Level- Physical Science
- Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Assoc. award with $25 check in the mail.
- National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration award.
- The Dr. Nelson Ting Scholar Competition award with $500 check in the mail.
- Got Grand Champion award with Scholarship to Utica College: 1/2 tuition for two years, Norman P. Bernstein Trophy, Certificate and will be competing at INTEL ISEF in Phoenix, AZ during week of May 8-13.

Hayden Zielinski
- 4th place in Math/Engineering/Computer

Amel Lilic
- 2nd place in Junior Level- Physical Science
- Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Assoc. award with $25 check in the mail.

Isabella Conte
- Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Assoc. award with $25 check in the mail.

Halid Sabanovic
- 2nd place in Senior Level-- Physical Science ( will receive $50 check in the mail).
- Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Assoc. award with $25 check in the mail.

Allen Islamagic
- 1st place in Senior Level -- Physical Science ( gets $75 in the mail)
- Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Assoc. award with $25 check in the mail.
- Stockholm Junior Water Price-
- The office of Naval Research award-- $75 award will be in the mail.
- Pratt &Whitney-HMI Metal award with a medal reward.

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3rd UAS Annual Science Fair

On March 19, 2016, Utica Academy of Science held its 3rd Annual Science Fair.

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Utica Comet Hockey players visited UAS

On March 17, 2016, Utica Comet Hockey players visited Utica Academy of Science Charter. School.

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Utica Charter School Forum on TV

The Utica Academy of Science held a public forum Thursday evening.

Community members were given information to clarify any confusing or misleading comments about the charter school. People were provided information on the school's history, enrollment process and funding.

“Again this is our motto. Our school motto is also is to deeply connect with our community because we are serving our community. And that's why our only power is to reach out to our community and to tell them what we are doing and how we can be a choice here in Utica and overall improve the quality of education," Mustafa Ersoy Director of the school said.

The school has been around since 2013 and is expecting to have 462 students by 2018.

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Black History Month Presentation

On February 29, 2016, Mr. Morris Pearson, Director of Civic Responsibilities and Chief Conduct Officer from MVCC, presented to scholars at UASCS Middle School as we honored Black History Month. Mr. Pearson spoke about focus and determination and how those two attributes will equal success. This presentation followed ten scholars reading aloud poems and biographies of famous and accomplished African Americans in history and present day.

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Winter Ball 2016

On February 12, 2016, Utica Academy of Science had a Winter Ball at Daniele's in New Hartford.

The entire event was organized and funded through student action and it was a wonderful evening. Scholars and chaperons had a delicious meal and spend the evening socializing and dancing. Everyone in attendance looked beautiful and it was the perfect way to go into Mid-Winter Break. Hopefully this can become an annual event for our hard-working scholars.

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Middle School 2nd Quarter Awards Ceremony

On February 10, 2016, UAS Middle School held its 2nd quarter award ceremony.

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Central New York Math Counts Competition

On February 6, 2016, UASCS Middle School had their first competition in 2015-2016. The UASCS Math Olympiad Team Member Everett Fischer did 2nd place on Countdown Part and the Team won 3rd Place held on February 6th, 2016 at MVC College.

Math Counts is a nationwide math coaching and competition program for middle-school students. Math Counts promotes student interest in math by making math achievement challenging, exciting, and prestigious as a school sport.

Our Math Olympiad team worked extremely hard on weekdays and Saturdays to represent UASCS at the competition. The UASCS Community is proud of our dedicated coach and the following Math Olympiad team.


  • Arnautovic Muris 8th grade
  • Fischer Everett 8th grade
  • Williams Nathan 8th grade
  • Salkanovic Adnan 8th grade
  • Isabella Conte 7th grade
  • Minn Myint 7th grade
  • Aiden Rodrigues 7th grade

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UASCS vs. Clinton Central High School Basketball Game

On January 26, 2016, in our first UAS basketball game vs. Clinton Central High School, our boys did a great job, unfortunately we came out on the losing end.

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