Elementary Atoms Hosted First Ever Field Day

Elementary Atoms hosted their first annual Field Day event

Friday, June 7, 2019—A beautiful sunny day filled with laughter, excitement, cheers, games and activities for the elementary school Atom's first ever Field Day event. Students partook in an epic game of Tug o' War, competed in various relay races, tested their tossing ability with corn hole, and much more! Students won medals and trophies if they exemplified team behavior, and good sportsmanship behavior. Great job Atoms!

Class of 2019 #UASCS Senior Video

Friday, June 28, 2019—Congratulations to the Utica Academy of Science Class of 2019 on your graduation. In their Senior Video, the graduates take a moment to look back on their high school experience, reflect on where they are heading, and thank all those who helped them along the way. Way to go, Atoms! 

National Honor Society Atoms Had Fun in the Sun

High School National Honor Society members enjoy a field trip to Delta Lake State Park

Friday, June 10, 2019—High School National Honor Society Atoms had their shades on and dipped their toes in the nice cold water at New York State Park's Delta Lake State Park. This state park is made up of 720 acres of land located on a peninsula in the town of Western. Atoms enjoyed a day relaxing and partaking in a volleyball tournament, swimming, hiking and of course building sandcastles. To make this field trip even more memorable, National Honor Society members were able to invite a classmate.

Atoms make a Generous Donation to Help Veterans in Need

Atoms in the Student Government program collect and donate non-perishable food items to the Veterans Outreach Center of Utica

Thursday, June 20, 2019—Giving back to the community is on of the many ways we continue to build success, one Atom as a time. Middle school students in the Student Government program take the initiative to give back to an organization that provides resources to those who have served our country, the Veterans Outreach Center of Utica. Throughout the summer months, its challenging for homeless veterans to find nourishment. With the efforts of the Atoms, they were able to collect and donate over 10 boxes of non-perishable food items to assist throughout those summer months. Great job Atoms, way to help others in need and to be actively involved in your community.

Elementary Atoms Create Magic in the Air

Elementary School Atoms participate in the creation of their end of year music video

Monday, June 24, 2019—Atoms invite you to come and 'feel the magic in the air' with their end of year music video. A time-honored tradition, our elementary school students, teachers and staff from not only the Utica Academy of Science, but Syracuse Academy of Science and Syracuse Academy of Science and Citizenship schools partook in the event, as well. We hope you enjoy this video. Great job Atoms!

Music: Magic in the Air by Magic System

Atoms Give Back at Sitrin Health Care Center

UASCS Atoms work with veterans to plant vegetables in their garden through Sitrin Health Care Center's Military-Civilian Coalition program

Tuesday, May 28, 2019—Atoms share their green thumb expertise while giving back to their community at the Sitrin Health Care Center. As part of the Military-Civilian Coalition, students and veterans join forces to empower and educate through social endeavors. Together they teamed up and planted delicious herbs and vegetables in their raised garden beds. Great job Atoms!

Atoms Step Back in Time on Field Trip to Fort Stanwix

UASCS Atoms take a field trip to Fort Stanwix National Monument and Revolutionary War's Oriskany Battlefield historic site

Friday, May 24, 2019—It's not everyday that Atoms get to dress in 17th century clothing, practice on a cannon drill team and experience fort life. But it's business as usual when you visit Fort Stanwix National Monument and Oriskany Battlefield Historic Site. Right in our backyard, Fort Stanwix and Oriskany Battlefields are two historic locations filled with rich American history. Atoms learned about the 21 day siege at Fort Stanwix, as well as, how it received the title "the fort that never surrendered." Following this adventure, students visited the site of the Revolutionary War's Battle of Oriskany.

UASCS Hosts it's second annual Career Day

UASCS hosts it's second annual Career Day for their high school Atoms

Wednesday, May 22, 2019—High school students explore various career paths at the second annual Career Day. This day allows our students the opportunity to gain knowledge of various career paths and professions. Atoms were able to connect with those in the medical field, sports medicine, public service, education, business and more!

Atoms take Field Trip to Sovena's Olive Oil Factory

UASCS Atoms take a field trip to Sovena - world leader in olive oil market

Tuesday, April 30, 2019—A field trip that was a bit on the 'oily' side … but ultimately tasty and highly memorable. First grade Atoms had the wonderful opportunity to get a front row seat and visit one of the world leaders in the olive oil market, Sovena. With over 10 million olive trees and exporting to over 70 countries, scholars learned about the olive oil making process, tried tasty snacks from other countries and had the opportunity to design their own olive oil label!

Atoms explore various professions at Career Day

Kindergarten and 1st grade ESL Atoms attend UASCS career day. Atoms explored fields in public service, education and medical.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019—We all have been asked the question at least once in our lives, "what do you want to be when you grow up?" Kindergarten and 1st grade ESL Atoms learned about various careers and what they might want to be when they too grow up. At the career day, Atoms explored fields in public service, education, medical and more! One student mentioned they wanted to be a teacher when they grew up.


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